Shakib Al Hasan

Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan entrance into governmental issues began a blazing note as the cricketer slapped one fan at a surveying station. The occurrence happened when Shakib Al Hasan visited the surveying station to make his choice in the Bangladesh general races, however the energized fans encompassed the cricketer. As Shakib Al Hasan moved with the group around him, he got moved by a fan and the cricketer quickly answered with a tight slap.

The video of the occurrence is doing adjusts via virtual entertainment where individuals are calling it one more expansion to the dubious tradition of the Bangladesh chief. Shakib Al Hasan is notable to stand out as truly newsworthy for his attitude and the web is loaded up with his recordings of vociferously contending with umpires, kicking stumps, etc. The 36-year-old Bangladesh all-rounder battled the political decision from the Magura parliamentary supporters of Bangladesh and crushed his rival convincingly by an edge of north of 1,50,000 votes. Shakib Al Hasan challenged as an up-and-comer of the decision Awami Association party, drove by Head of the state Sheik Hasina, and was supposed to win as Banladesh’s fundamental resistance Bangladesh Patriot Party (BNP) chose to blacklist the overall races.

Shakib Al Hasan’s entrance into governmental issues started whiz around what’s in store plans of the cricketer. During his different media cooperations, Shakib Al Hasan accentuated the difficulties in legislative issues. “The opposition and difficulties are generally there, be it a little group or large group,” he commented.

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The cricketer briefly put a hold on from the game for his mission in the decisions yet has not cleared in the event that he intends to step down from his job. When journalists inquired as to whether he is wanting to function as a government official now, Shakib Al Hasan didn’t appear to like the inquiry and said “Did I resign? In the event that I haven’t resigned, then, at that point, where does this question come from? “Shakib Al Hasan is promoted as quite possibly of the best all-rounder in cricket and holds the ‘number-one all-rounder’ positioning in each of the three cricket designs. His choice to join governmental issues and become a MP comes as the IPL 2024 season is only months away followed by T20 World Cup.

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