Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik announced their separation in January 2024 after months of speculation and rumors. The separation was confirmed shortly after Malik’s marriage to actress Sana Javed. Although details surrounding the reasons for their separation haven’t been publicly disclosed by either, reports suggest various factors might have contributed, including long distance due to their demanding careers, cultural differences, and potential disagreements about family planning.

It’s important to use sensitive language and accurate information when discussing this topic, especially as divorce can be a complex and emotionally charged experience. Let’s avoid misinformation and speculation, and respect the privacy of individuals involved.

Sania Mirza

The genuine justification for the partition between previous Pakistan cricket crew skipper Shoaib Malik and his ex Sania Mirza has surfaced. As indicated by Samaa television Lahore Agency Boss Naeem Hanif, tennis star Sania Mirza discovered the information about the gathering of previous chief Shoaib Malik and entertainer Sana Javed three to four months prior, after which the last battle between the two occurred on a similar issue.

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Naeem Hanif while talking in Samaa Computerized’s webcast said that Shoaib Malik had been dating Sana Javed for the beyond three years and around then Sana was hitched to well known artist and arranger Umair Jaiswal.

Naeem Hanif said that Shoaib Malik was exceptionally intrigued by expressions, he likewise did numerous diversion shows, so Sana continued to meet with him constantly, and the two of them continued to meet each other over and over in a confidential Network program.

He expressed that during this time there were bits of gossip about connection between Shoaib Malik and well known entertainer Ayesha Umar, however they were simply rumours.He said that Sania Mirza had gotten the insight about these things and the last battle between the two occurred three to four months prior on the issue of Sana Javed, later Sania reached her parents in law and welcomed them to Dubai where Shoaib’s family He attempted to reconcile between the two, yet the water had gone over his head.Naeem Hanif expressed that there was no adaptability in Shoaib Malik’s demeanor to take the relationship forward, nor did Sania Mirza need to bear the matter further.

He further said that Shoaib Malik’s family had understood that Sania would as of now not live with them, yet they needed that there ought to be no partition between them.

It could be reviewed that previous public group skipper Shoaib Malik declared his second marriage with the notable showbiz industry entertainer Sana Javed on Saturday. The wedding function was hung on January 18. went.

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