Sanam Saeed

Pakistan entertainer Sanam Saeed has focused on the requirement for “offering some genuine kindness” for the ousting displaced people from Pakistan. Taking to X (previously known as Twitter) on Wednesday, the ”Zindagi Gulzar Hai” star required a change in aggregate viewpoint with regards to this issue. “Extraditing outcasts who look for cover here won’t make our basic issues disappear,” Sanam expressed.

She kept up with, “It appears as though we are avoiding fault from difficulties that the public authority or the country generally is confronting. During such a critical time on the planet at this moment, we want to offer more genuine kindness”.

Sanam Saeed

Crackdown On Afghan Outcasts Strengthened

The crackdown on the Afghan displaced people is in progress the nation over after the cutoff time for them to get back to Afghanistan finished on October 31.

Up to this point, 143,135 Afghan outcasts have been localized. Countless unlawful occupants are available at the Torkhan line. The FC powers have reached the applicable Afghan authorities, as indicated by which the Torkham boundary will stay open till 11pm today. In excess of 70 unlawful outsiders were captured from across Lahore for not having home allows, and moved to the holding places.

In the stage wise extradition of the unlawful outcasts, Faisalabad and Sargodha have been given inclination, while Lahore will come after different urban areas. The unlawfully living Afghan exiles in Pakistan are proceeding to get back to Afghanistan through the Chaman line.

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Sanam Saeed Appeals for More Mercy for Deporting Refugees

Pakistani actress Sanam Saeed has appealed for more mercy for Afghan refugees who are facing deportation from Pakistan. In a recent tweet, Saeed said, “It is time for us to show more compassion and mercy towards Afghan refugees. They are our neighbors and our friends. We cannot turn our backs on them.”

Saeed’s appeal comes as the Pakistani government has been under increasing pressure to deport Afghan refugees. The government has argued that the refugees are a drain on the country’s resources and that they pose a security threat. However, refugee advocates have argued that the refugees are being scapegoated for Pakistan’s problems and that they are not a security threat.

Saeed is not the only public figure who has spoken out against the deportation of Afghan refugees. In recent weeks, a number of other Pakistani celebrities and activists have also called on the government to reconsider its stance.

The deportation of Afghan refugees would be a humanitarian crisis. Millions of Afghans have been displaced from their homes by the war in Afghanistan, and many of them are living in makeshift camps in Pakistan. If they are forced to return to Afghanistan, they will face a number of challenges, including violence, poverty, and displacement.

The international community must do more to help Afghan refugees. They must provide financial assistance to the Pakistani government to help it cope with the influx of refugees. They must also pressure the Pakistani government to allow the refugees to stay in the country until the situation in Afghanistan improves.

Saeed’s appeal is a reminder that we cannot turn our backs on Afghan refugees. They are our neighbors and our friends. We must show compassion and mercy towards them.

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