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The Rs.1500 prize bond draw, conducted by the National Savings of Pakistan, has concluded, revealing a list of lucky winners who will receive substantial prizes. The draw, held on November 15, 2023, generated excitement among investors who eagerly awaited the results.

Prize Distribution

The Rs.1500 prize bond draw boasts a range of enticing prizes that can make dreams come true. The first prize, a staggering Rs.3,000,000, has been given to bond number 848635. The winners of the second prize, bond numbers 599195, 685342, and 982975, have each received a generous sum of Rs.1,000,000.

How to Check Results

To check the results of the Rs.1500 prize bond draw, individuals can visit the National Savings of Pakistan’s official website ( and enter their bond number in the designated field. The website will display the corresponding prize, if any.

Significance of Prize Bonds

Prize bonds have long been recognized as a secure method of investment in Pakistan. These bonds, effectively government-backed lotteries, are managed by the National Savings Division, under the aegis of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). They offer investors the opportunity to win significant prizes while also contributing to the nation’s economy.

Impact on Winners

The winners of the Rs.1500 prize bond draw are undoubtedly overjoyed by their newfound wealth. These prizes can bring about significant changes in their lives, enabling them to fulfill long-held dreams and aspirations. The winnings can be utilized for various purposes, such as improving living standards, pursuing higher education, or starting new businesses.

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The Rs.1500 prize bond draw has once again demonstrated the appeal of prize bonds as a popular investment option in Pakistan. The substantial prizes awarded to the winners serve as a testament to the potential rewards associated with these bonds, while also highlighting the National Savings of Pakistan’s commitment to providing secure and rewarding investment opportunities for its citizens.

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