PCB Has Taken Funds For Olympic Sports

PCB Has Taken Funds For Olympic Sports: In a surprising disclosure, it has arisen that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has profited from the public by getting assets from the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB). According to The News, the PSB gave an incredible Rs205 million to the PCB which then conveyed the cash among the triumphant group of the 2017 Bosses Prize.

Stunning that the assets got by the cricketing body were intended for the improvement of Olympic games in the country. The cash-rich PCB has consistently guaranteed that it has never taken a solitary penny from the public exchequer, thus isn’t liable to the public authority a reason the PCB authorities have introduced commonly during the Senate and Public Gathering council gatherings.

The News anyway discovered that Rs205 million were given out to the Heroes Prize winning group from the PSB’s exchequer as opposed to taking the cash out from the PCB’s kitty. Since the sum was intended for the cricketers, there was no bar on removing the award cash from the board’s kitty however all things considered, [the country’s] Olympic games needed to endure the worst part as the PSB was approached to deliver the sum all things being equal.

“The reports submitted with the Public Responsibility Department (Grab) by the PSB uncover that a weighty measure of Rs205 million was drawn from the PSB’s kitty for cricketers. The PCB is quite possibly of the most extravagant association in the nation and as such can without much of a stretch spend and add to cricketers’ advantage amazingly.

“The Olympic games scarcely get any award from the public authority. It was treacherous to deduct the PSB’s sum implied for Olympic games for the cricketers’ advantage. The PCB is there to care for the cricketers and there is nobody with the exception of the public authority to add to other athletes’ objective as they are getting ready for the public and worldwide occasions,” an authority from the games alliances said.

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He mulled over that Rs205 million was deducted from the sum implied for the Olympic games competitors when the twelfth South Asian Games planned for Nepal were not far off. “It was truly shameful to take out the sum for cricketers from the games spending plan implied for different games. The PCB ought to have approached and given the award cash to the Heroes Prize winning group all alone as opposed to removing the cash from the PSB’s kitty.

“The state head is the supporter in-head of the PCB and has each privilege to redirect a portion of the sum for cricketers’ advantage or grant prize cash to them. Why was the sum taken out from the PSB kitty. The PSB has never upheld the organizations incredibly. The powerful measure of Rs680 million it got as an extraordinary award ought to have been redirected completely to the Olympic games,” the league official added.

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