Nawaz Sharif

The Pakistan Ex-PM Nawaz Sharif 73-year-old veteran government official, who burned through four years in the UK, is looking for a political rebound. An enormous flag of Pakistan’s previous Top state leader Nawaz Sharif is brought at a recreation area up in Lahore in front of his appearance in Pakistan [Arif Ali/AFP] Distributed On 21 Oct 2023.

Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan’s threefold chosen previous state leader, has gotten back following four years of self-exile in the Unified Realm to remain in the following year’s decisions against his greatest opponent, previous head Imran Khan.

Nawaz Sharif

The 73-year-old veteran government official showed up by sanctioned trip to Pakistan’s capital Islamabad on Saturday, after which he is supposed to lead a meeting in his old neighborhood, Lahore, where allies enhanced the city with green and yellow party pennants, banners and banners.

“Our country which ought to have been at the levels of thriving has truly gone in reverse,” he said. “How could we arrive? For what reason did it work out like this?”

The South Asian country is confronting covering security, monetary and political emergencies in front of surveys previously pushed back to January 2024, with Khan grieving in prison on debasement allegations which he denies, after he was eliminated in a no-certainty vote in April 2022.

Sharif had not gone to Pakistan since leaving for London in 2019 to get clinical treatment while carrying out a 14-year jail punishment for defilement. His convictions stay in force, however a court on Thursday banished specialists from capturing him until Tuesday when he is to show up in court.

While he can’t campaign for or serve in a high office due to his convictions, his lawful group says he intends to allure and his party says he plans to become state leader for a fourth time frame.

Sharif’s greatest test will be to wrestle back his help base from Khan, who regardless of being in prison, stays famous following his expulsion. Khan, as well, is excluded from the political decision on account of his August defilement conviction, which he has pursued.

“Sharif’s key test is first to lay down a good foundation for himself and his party as suitable choices to supplant Imran Khan, who is as of now famous, and furthermore to pivot the economy,” political examiner Ayesha Siddiqa told AFP.

Sharif has said he was taken out from government at the command of the strong military after he dropped out with top officers, who assume an outsized part in Pakistani legislative issues. He says the tactical then moved Khan in the 2018 general political race. Khan and the military deny this.

The military and Khan dropped out in 2022, and throughout the course of recent months, they have been engaged with a swelling confrontation, which has managed the cost of Sharif some political space. The tactical rejects that it meddles in legislative issues.

“An evergreen rule about Pakistani legislative issues is that your possibilities taking power are dependably more prominent when you’re in the great books of the military,” Michael Kugelman, overseer of the South Asia Organization at the Wilson Community, told Reuters news office.

“Over his long political vocation, Sharif’s relationship with the tactical metal has gone back and forth. It’s presently in a moderately warm stage, and he stands to politically benefit.” Pakistan is presently being driven by a guardian government in the approach January’s political race.

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Nawaz Sharif Background

Nawaz Sharif is a Pakistani politician who has served as Prime Minister of Pakistan three times: from 1990 to 1993, from 1997 to 1999, and from 2013 to 2017. He is the longest-serving prime minister of Pakistan, having served a total of more than 9 years across three tenures.

Early life and education OF Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif was born in Lahore, Punjab, on December 25, 1949. He is the eldest son of Muhammad Sharif, a wealthy industrialist. Sharif attended the University of the Punjab, where he earned a law degree. After graduating, he joined his family’s business, the Ittefaq Group, a conglomerate with interests in steel, textiles, and sugar.

Nawaz Sharif Political career

Nawaz Sharif entered politics in the early 1980s. He was elected to the Provincial Assembly of Punjab in 1981 and served as Finance Minister of Punjab from 1981 to 1985. In 1985, he was elected Chief Minister of Punjab. He served as Chief Minister until 1990, when he was elected Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Sharif’s first term as Prime Minister was marked by economic growth and political stability. However, his government was dismissed by President Ghulam Ishaq Khan in 1993. Sharif was re-elected Prime Minister in 1997. His second term was cut short in 1999, when he was overthrown in a military coup led by General Pervez Musharraf.

Sharif was exiled from Pakistan after the coup. He returned to Pakistan in 2007 and was elected President of the Pakistan Muslim League (N), the country’s largest political party. He led the PML-N to victory in the 2013 general election and was elected Prime Minister for a third time.

Sharif’s third term was marked by a number of challenges, including a Taliban insurgency, a struggling economy, and a power crisis. He was also the target of a number of corruption investigations. In 2017, he was disqualified from office by the Supreme Court of Pakistan for failing to disclose assets.

Nawaz Sharif Personal life

Nawaz Sharif is married to Kulsoom Nawaz. They have four children: Maryam Nawaz, Asma Nawaz, Hussain Nawaz, and Hassan Nawaz.

FAQs Related To Nawaz Sharif

What is Nawaz Sharif’s political party?
Nawaz Sharif is the President of the Pakistan Muslim League (N), the country’s largest political party.

Why was Nawaz Sharif disqualified from office?
Nawaz Sharif was disqualified from office in 2017 by the Supreme Court of Pakistan for failing to disclose assets.

What are the allegations of corruption against Nawaz Sharif?
Nawaz Sharif has been accused of corruption on a number of occasions. In 2017, he was convicted of corruption and sentenced to seven years in prison. However, he was released on bail in 2019 and is currently awaiting the outcome of his appeal.

What is Nawaz Sharif’s relationship with the military?
Nawaz Sharif has had a tense relationship with the military throughout his career. He has been overthrown in two military coups, in 1999 and 2017.

What is Nawaz Sharif’s legacy?
Nawaz Sharif is a complex and controversial figure. He is a popular figure among his supporters, who see him as a champion of the poor and a defender of democracy. However, he is also a polarizing figure, who is seen by his critics as corrupt and autocratic.


Nawaz Sharif is a controversial figure in Pakistani politics. He is a popular figure among his supporters, who see him as a champion of the poor and a defender of democracy. However, he is also a polarizing figure, who is seen by his critics as corrupt and autocratic.

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