Iran Commander Warns of Potential Nuclear Deal

Iran Commander Warns of Potential Nuclear Deal: Iran could change its plans for nuclear weapons because Israel has threatened to attack its nuclear facilities. A top commander in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said this. Iran has always said it only wants nuclear power for peaceful reasons. Israel said it would fight back after Iran attacked with missiles and drones on April 13. Iran did this because it thought Israel attacked its embassy in Damascus earlier this month.

Ahmad Haghtalab, the commander, said Israel’s threats might make Iran rethink its nuclear plans. Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has the final say on what Iran does with its nuclear program. The West thinks Iran might want nuclear weapons.

In 2021, Iran’s intelligence minister said Western pressure might make Iran want nuclear weapons. But Khamenei said Iran shouldn’t build or use nuclear bombs. He said this in 2019. Iran’s foreign ministry didn’t answer when asked about this by Reuters. Haghtalab said if Israel attacks Iran’s nuclear sites, Iran will attack Israel’s nuclear sites.

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Talks between Iran and the US to bring back a nuclear deal from 2015 stopped in 2022. This deal was to stop Iran from making nuclear weapons. Iran had to follow rules about its nuclear program, and the UN could check on it. In return, Iran would get rid of UN, EU, and US sanctions.

The deal ended in 2018 because the US president then thought it was too nice to Iran. The head of the UN’s nuclear watchdog said in February that Iran was still making uranium for nuclear power. But it was making it much stronger than needed for that.

The US and UK put heavy sanctions on Iran’s drone program. They did this because Iran attacked Israel directly. The US and UK put sanctions on people and groups in Iran who work on drones and missiles. They want to stop Iran from doing bad things with these weapons.

Janet Yellen, the US Treasury Secretary, said they’re acting fast against Iran’s attack on Israel. They want to stop Iran from doing more bad things. They’ll keep using sanctions to fight Iran. The US also put sanctions on five companies that help Iran make steel. This is because Iran gets a lot of money from selling steel.

Britain also put sanctions on parts of Iran’s military, like the navy. They want to stop Iran from doing bad things.

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