New Delhi

New Delhi 27 April 2024- Tensions between India and Pakistan have spilled over into the realm of religious tourism, as Pakistani pilgrims visiting New Delhi have reported facing increased restrictions and scrutiny from Indian authorities.
Lahore: People from Pakistan who went to a special event in New Delhi say they were treated badly by Indian officials. This worries people about their safety and ability to move around freely.

In recent weeks, several Pakistani nationals who had traveled to India on pilgrimage have raised concerns about the difficulties they encountered during their visit. These include lengthy interrogations, stringent security checks, and limitations on their movements within the city.

The situation has drawn criticism from Pakistani officials, who have accused India of violating the spirit of religious harmony and freedom of worship. They argue that such measures are unnecessarily hampering the ability of Pakistani pilgrims to freely visit holy sites and carry out their religious obligations.

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On the other hand, Indian authorities have defended their actions, citing security concerns and the need to maintain vigilance in the wake of ongoing tensions between the two neighboring countries. They assert that the measures are in place to ensure the safety of all visitors and are not specifically targeting Pakistani nationals.

The restrictions have cast a shadow over the long-standing tradition of religious tourism between India and Pakistan, which has historically been a means of fostering cultural exchange and goodwill between the two nations.

As the situation unfolds, both sides are urging for dialogue and diplomacy to resolve the issue. Religious leaders and civil society organizations have called for the free movement of pilgrims, emphasizing the importance of upholding the principles of religious freedom and promoting interfaith harmony.

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