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CM Maryam Lahore 24 April 2024 – In a pioneering initiative aimed at addressing the plight of homeless individuals across the province, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has unveiled the ‘Apna Chhat Apna Ghar’ (My Roof, My Home) project. The ambitious program seeks to provide safe and dignified shelter to those without a permanent residence, ensuring that no one is left behind in the pursuit of a better life.

The launch ceremony, held at the Chief Minister’s Secretariat, witnessed a gathering of government officials, stakeholders, and representatives from non-profit organizations. Maryam Nawaz, in her address, emphasized the significance of the project as a testament to the government’s commitment to uplifting the underprivileged segments of society.

CM Maryam

“No one should be deprived of the basic human right to shelter,” said the Chief Minister. “The ‘Apna Chhat Apna Ghar’ project is a reflection of our government’s determination to create an inclusive and compassionate society, where every individual has access to a safe and secure living environment.”

Under the project, the provincial government plans to establish a network of shelters across major cities and towns in Punjab. These facilities will provide temporary accommodation, essential amenities, and support services to individuals and families facing homelessness due to various circumstances, including natural disasters, economic hardships, or displacement.

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The shelters will be equipped with basic necessities, such as beds, clean water, and sanitation facilities, as well as access to healthcare services and counseling. Additionally, the project aims to collaborate with vocational training institutes and employment agencies to assist residents in acquiring skills and finding sustainable employment opportunities.

To ensure the successful implementation and management of the project, the government has allocated a substantial budget and will work in close coordination with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community-based organizations with expertise in dealing with homelessness.

“This is not just a project; it is a humanitarian endeavor that reflects our commitment to upholding the dignity and well-being of every citizen,” added Maryam Nawaz. “By providing shelter and support to those in need, we are laying the foundation for a more equitable and compassionate society.”

The ‘Apna Chhat Apna Ghar’ project has been widely praised by human rights activists, social welfare organizations, and the general public as a much-needed initiative to address the pressing issue of homelessness in Punjab. As the project kicks off, the provincial government remains determined to ensure its effective implementation and continuous monitoring, working towards a future where no one is left without a roof over their head.

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